Drawing Software

There is a lot of drawing software. The list here is only just scratching the surface. These are the apps that I like to use.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud includes a LOT. Photoshop, Illustrator, Animator, and much more beyond illustration and drawing. It's also widely considered the industry standard for graphics of all kinds. The catch? It costs and arm and a leg and it also has a much steeper learning curve if you're coming in cold.

Price: $50 a month Learn More

Clip Studio

I've moved Clip Studio up this list because there is now an iPad app. The desktop app has been the favorite for many a illustrator for years and the iPad app is a a feature for feature replication of the desktop app. The one downside is that the iPad app has an $8.99 a month subscription attached to it. That's a little surprising since you can usually find the desktop app on sale for less than $50.

Price: $50 Learn More


Sketchable is a Windows only drawing app and the reason I like it is because of its simplicity. It doesn't do as much as some of the other drawing and painting apps out there but it's so elegant in its simplicity. It's also super smooth, pinching to zoom in and out on a touch screen is great and it really feels like it's designed for tablet computers.

table-price: Free with in app purchases Learn More

Affinity Designer

The more I use Affinity Designer the more I like it. It combines the vector tools of Adobe Illustrator with many of the painting features of Adobe Photoshop. It's a pro grade for a not so Pro table-pricetag.

Price: $50 Learn More


If you have an iPad you need Procreate. Don't let the low table-price fool you, this is an amazing little painting app. This is the app that made me love drawing on the iPad. So simple and elegant but also deep and powerful.

Price: $10 Learn More


Krita has really grown on me and it's free. It's one of the most robust free drawing apps availible on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Price: Free Learn More

Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook isn't my favorite program to draw in but I like that it's cross platform. If I draw something on Android I can open it up on my Mac or iPad. The interface is also easy to understand and pick up.

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Medibang Paint

Medibang reminds me of Clip studio with less stuff. Considering it's free it's an impressively robust drawing and painting app.

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