Graphic Design 101 - Making a Youtube Thumbnail

In the video above I just gloss over a lot of the software and hardware I use to in the making of my thumbnails. Since my Youtube channel usually focuses on that kind of stuff I thought it would be a good idea to list of the resources I use here in a separate post. Also, the Amazon links used on this page are affiliate links, I get a commission from sales made using those links, it's how I support this site and my Youtube channel.


For photo lighting I use the Fomito Falconeyes RX-12T. I move it around a lot and it's pretty light which makes this super useful for my small office. I also have a ring light that I will often move around to soften shadows.

The camera I film with is the Canon EOS 80d, but there is a new version, the EOS 90d which is better because it can film in 4k. Like I mentioned in the video, it's way better to have good lighting than it is to have a good camera and there is a pretty good chance your cell phone is going to take great pictures if your lighting is good.


I mentioned using mockups in my work, here are some of the resources I've used from DesignCuts. Also, these are also affiliate links.

iPad Pro Mockups

Signs & Facade Mockups

Clothing, Fashion & T-Shirt Mockups

14 Apple Devices Mockups 2020


I use Adobe Photoshop in my tutorial and it comes with a monthly subscription cost of $10 to $50 depending on the Creative Cloud plan you get.

Another option would be the Affinity software like Affinity Photo which is a one time purchase.

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Affiliate links

The links on this page to Amazon are affiliate links. That means I get a small cut of the sale made on Amazon if you click a link before buying a product. This is how you folks have supported my reviews and videos over the years. Thank you!

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