The Best Pen Tablets

These are great for beginners. But a lot of pro artist love these drawing tablets, especially the higher end Intuos Pros.

Wacom Intuos

If you're wondering where to start with digital drawing this is a good choice. There are cheaper options out there but with this tablet you get the Wacom brand name quality and support and drivers.

table-price: $69 + See it on Amazon

Huion HS611

This is one of the better tablets out there, It comes in several colors so if this hot pink isn't your style there are some more tasteful choices out there. It also has many of the android features they are putting in these now.

table-price: $79.99 See it on Amazon

Wacom Intuos Pro

This is called Pro for a reason, it's a high quality drawing experience from top to bottom. Expensive? Yep, but definite the best drawing tablet of this type I've used.

table-price: $349 + See it on Amazon

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2

It's simple but it works well. It's very close to Wacom in terms of line quality but for a fraction of the price. You can also attach it to some android phones and tablets. I was less impressed with those features here, but still nice to have.

table-price: $69.99 See it on Amazon

Huion HS610

The coolest feature on this tablet is that it works on Android as well as Windows and Mac. The one caveat is that it only uses a portion of the drawing area of the tablet and the shortcut keys don't work on Android. It still works surprisingly well.

table-price: $69.99 See it on Amazon

Huion HS64

This is the smaller no frills version of the HS610 I reviewed above. It also has the Android features and if that's what you plan on using it for this might be a better choice.

table-price: $39.99 See it on Amazon

Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Tablet

If you want the cheapest Huion available this is it.

table-price: $21.99 See it on Amazon

XP-Pen Star05

XP-Pen has also been making good drawing tablets lately. I havn't used the star but I've heard good things.

table-price: $54.99 See it on Amazon

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