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My Digital Art Starter Kit is what you need to get started, keep learning and refine your art skills.

  • Digital Art for Beginners Online Course - 14 videos and almost 1.5 hours of content
  • Build Your Own Free Online Art Curriculum
  • Build Good Practice Habits Worksheet
  • 10 Brushes Procreate - My Personal Sets
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What's in the Course

Digital Art for Beginners Course

I’ve learned a lot reviewing drawing tech over the last 4 years and I share it on Youtube on a weekly basis. The starter kit takes those 4 years of things that are spread out over hundred of videos and puts it all into one place. Where to start with hardware and software. What are some techniques to help you improve faster?

Free Online Art Curriculum

There are a ton of free resources online, where to start? I’ve been compiling a list of free and paid online resources to teach you art.

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Procreate brushes

I do a lot of inking and over time I’ve worked out my own brushes. I also include some videos about how I use them and why I built them the way I did.

Build good habits

The only way to get better is to practice, you hear it all the time but it’s so hard to do. The key is setting goals and then breaking up your goals into manageable chunks.

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