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Designed for Beginners

When I started taking art seriously a few years ago I felt that many of the really great courses and tutorials out there were just to advanced for me. I needed to learn some of the basics before I could really dive in and see results. That's what this course is designed to do.

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  • 1. Introduction - What you will need 6:37
  • 2. Main software features 9:18
  • 3. Drawing Cubes 13:19
  • 3. Drawing Cylinders 12:23
  • 3. Homework: Moar shapes!! 3:46
  • 4. Pencils to line art 13:36
  • 4. Block in coloring 9:57
  • 4. Color effects 10:19
  • 4. Homework: Line work and coloring 0:57
  • 5. Line-less painting 14:51
  • 5. Homework: character panting 0:55
  • 6. Using the hard round brush 23:50
  • 6. Homework 1: Potion drawing 0:47
  • 6. Potion experiments 3:29
  • 7. Using Photo Reference 16:15
  • 7. Homework: Drawing from memory 2:44
  • 8. Adding backgrounds 11:50
  • 8. Homework: Filling a room 1:24
  • 9. Advanced Coloring with blend modes 15:58
  • 9.Homework: Color challenge 0:38

What Tools do I need?

You are going to need something to draw on like a drawing tablet or an iPad or Android tablet. You can use any drawing software you are conformable with. In the course I provide cheat sheets for apps like Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio, Krita etc. So you can find the features I'm using in my drawing app in yours.

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How long do I have the Course?

FOREVER! It's yours to take at your pace. You can speed through all the lessons and projects or you can take it at your own speed. You can download all the assets and videos and view them anywhere.

Is it good for beginners?

Yes! if you are already taking high level drawing courses this one might be a bit basic for you. It really is meant for people are just getting started or want to pick up some new skills. It's designed to be the first steps in your drawing career so you can then jump into other courses and tutorials with more confidence.

$50 $35 Buy Now
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